It all began one sexy night on the dance floor of an electronic music festival...


The 'Feelgood' was instant. 

It was an undeniable connection that felt beyond 'us'...

So we rolled with it ;)


Four years (and a few bottles of Patron) later our bond has strengthened.


Has it always been simple and easy?

Hells no!

In fact there have been times when our connection has felt blocked by all that inner 'stuff', making our relationship feel really messy.


But we strive for glassy perfection both on and off the water, so diving in and working it out has become a practice that's decidedly non-negotiable.

Now those messy moments are increasingly fewer, lighter, and farther in between.


The game changer?

  • Loving with grace instead of reverting to emotional and verbal disrespect. 
  • Listening...real listening. (By really giving the other an opportunity to be heard, understanding his/her perspective before jumping in with words).
  • Choosing the things that excite us instead of the things that bring us down, both individually and in our partnership...while supporting one another as best we can along the way. 


And as the 'Feelgood' continues to grow within us...

We've been inspired to see how it can expand around us, too.


So we decided to start a social experiment.

To find a way for others to join in on the fun.


It's mission?


To create happy 'spaces' for happy people like you.


Space in your mind - space in your heart - and space in your daily life.

To say how you feel - to do what you love - and to live how you want.

To Follow The Feelgood within you.




Here's how it works:


First we do the things that feel good to us. 

Surfing - Stretching - Dancing - Travel - Making Money - Dessert - One-on-one conversation...

Then we share our journey with you via words, stills, and film.




Because there are endless possibilities for being happily fulfilled while taking care of business at the same time.

Meaning you CAN have it all.


Because we know from experience that what we do really works. 

100% of the time.


Doing the stuff that feeds your soul will bring clarity, purpose, AND money to your life.


And we want you to be inspired, encouraged, and motivated to do the same thing for yourself.

We want YOU to feel it too.


But Who Are We?


We call ourselves "Relationship Consultants".

Think of us as your personal self-investment guides...the intermediary between the relationships you currently have, and the relationships you desire. 


Are you ready?!


"Don't force the flow...follow the feelgood!"


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With Love (and faith in glassy perfection),


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